D.W Ross Company is the FRP and Plastic Reinforced Panel experts. Your next Food Processing area & Food Processing Equipment will require our corrosion resistant products.

For a limited time: Buy Ten sheets of FRP and get a free heavy duty reusable trowel. These trowels are perfect for installing FRP fiberglass paneling. Mention this ad when ordering Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester. Offer only good to customers using website.

Specials Coming Soon: Kydex, ABS, PVC, Tri-County, Spartech, Parkland Plastics, Compression Polymers, Craftech, Afco, Alsynite, HPE, Lexan, FRP, NRP, Nudo Products, Spray Polyurea Coatings, Sublimated & Custom Laminated Panels *Special offers subject to change without notice!

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For information E-Mail Us at: sales@dwross.com